Monday, December 03, 2012

Fun in Copper

Q-ster 's main request for the holiday was to make some "squished pennies," so we located a few machines scattered around the zoo.  You insert two quarters to operate the machine and a penny for source material, select your pattern of choice, and turn the crank.

Buster started his collection today.

And his big brother added to his collection.

I have to thank my mom for this idea.  It's an entirely affordable and fairly entertaining way of generating souvenirs that don't take up much space.


Bob said...

Didn't realize that this can develop arm muscles too.

ljc said...

I collect these too!

Mayberry said...

A friend of mine does this with her kids too. She says it's the perfect way to deal with kids' desire for souvenirs - cheap, somewhat relevant, and small.