Monday, November 05, 2012

The One Ring

While I was working on Q-ster's Halloween costume, his little brother came up to place his request to me. He wanted me to make him the Ring from the Lord of the Rings.  "Soft and squishy, please!"

I'm really not sure how Tolkien would feel about this.  Or me, for that matter.

I mean, I love that he has interest in the story, largely driven out of the LOTR Lego we've recently acquired. However, sewing the Ring of Power?  The one that takes thousands of pages (in the books) or what seems like dozens of hours (in the movies) to destroy?

But of course, the micro dude is pretty cute, so we set about fulfilling his wishes.  How big should this ring be?  Would it fit around his finger?  No, he wanted it quite large - he indicated with his hands.

Then it occurred to me.  You know how in fiction (and sometimes in real life,) the King of the Lions is the biggest lion, and so forth?  It's not entirely illogical that the "Lord" of the Rings would be the biggest ring.

So, there you have it.  The Ring.

It's sort of like the Donut of Doom.

But cuter.


mayberry said...

And also can be used to make a sock bun, in a pinch.

Bob said...

That's a big ring.