Thursday, November 08, 2012

Pop Culture Awesomeness

Two videos today.

If you love The Lord of the Rings, you might want to fly Air New Zealand just to see this safety demonstration video.

For those who are cautiously optimistic about Disney buying Lucasfilm, here's Princess Leia being welcomed by the Disney Princesses, in song, of course!

In totally unrelated news, Q-ster showed me the page of riddles that he's compiled.  He wrote the answers upside down and in mirror-writing - "just like Leonardo Da Vinci!"  Apparently, he learned about this in a Magic Treehouse book. I guess we'll let him keep reading.

Updated for two more links:

Obama's "Anger Translator" celebrating his win.

The Met's vintage film on chain mail and armor - it's long and paced a bit slowly, but fascinating.  I had no idea how flexible armor is, or how effective chain mail is.


Bob said...

Finally got to watch the 3 videos on your links- wonderful and fun.

Great puzzle writing skills.
Upside down and mirror image for answers, clever.

mayberry said...

Awesome videos - and writing prowess, that is great!