Sunday, November 11, 2012

Planet Walker

Buster's preschool has been working on a Planets unit, and he's been loving every moment.  Above, he's posing with his painting of Saturn, complete with construction paper ring.  He fills our ears with details about the planets and how each is special.

He scribbled them on our dry erase board as well.  Note how Jupiter is the biggest, how Uranus is tipped sideways, and the gas giants have rings.  There's also a song about the "Nine planets in the Universe" and he sings away about how "In the center is the Sun."

Me: How many planets are there?
Buster: Eight
Me: Is Pluto a planet?
Buster: No
Me: What is Pluto?
Buster: A dwarf planet!  (I can almost hear the duuuuh! in his voice.)  But we just say it as part of the song.

I think it's a pain to rewrite all the rhymes, so they just sing the old songs and add verbal addendums to the science updates afterwards.


Asianmommy said...

Haha! No one will ever forget that Pluto was once a planet.

Bob said...

He added the rings and Uranus is tipped sideways, how thorough.