Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My First Business Letter

Back when I was in elementary school, perhaps third or fourth grade, a friend and I became fans of the "flipbook."  These were little foldout booklets that sold in the school library for fifty cents, each showing pictures and a paragraph about difference species or variations of the topics.  For example, flags of the world, dogs, cars, ships, aircraft, and so forth.

It was fun to collect them with our allowance money, and we amassed quite a few, so it was disappointing when we found out that the publishing company planned to discontinue the series. Someone - the librarian or our teacher? - encouraged us to write a letter, our first business letter!  We did, and the kind people at the company sent us one of each of their remaining stock.  Such success!

When we were at my parents' house last week, my mom brought out the box of flipbooks for Q-ster to look at.  I still find them quite entertaining, even if the flags book includes the Soviet Union and West Germany - signs of their times.

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Bob said...

Hard to compare the success with that letter.