Monday, November 12, 2012

Lights, Sound, Action

All the stars aligned this weekend - there was a formal dress waltz ball, most of our best dance friends were attending, and our babysitter was available!

I've been kinda missing my long hair, so I made an attempt to attach a long fall to my head.  I was reminded that I'm really not good with hairdo's.  Simple was the order of the day.

We slipped into our evening clothes, said good night to the boys, and drove to the ballroom with friends and lovely conversation.

I left like we were back among our people. Long gowns, white tie and tails, a live orchestra, gorgeous ballroom, and a row of top hats resting above the coat rack.

We definitely appreciate these magical moments more, now it takes so much more to have an evening out.

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Bob said...

Great time is worth reliving.