Monday, October 08, 2012

Young Entrepreneur

Q-ster has created a little store: "$1.38 for each pencil!  Not sharpend."

He explained that he'll take credit cards too.

He's also been working on his first Erector Set with SwingDaddy.

In totally unrelated news, these "Very Hungry Caterpillar" baby socks were just adorable, but I managed to keep myself from buying them and searching out babies to give them to.


mayberry said...

Oh, those socks are adorable. You are very strong to have left them behind.

Bob said...

Not sharpened, safe to handle.

Anonymous said...

Tell him we'll pay him to sharpen all of our broken colored pencils;)

Fourth B

Anonymous said...

where did you find those socks?

Lady M said...

The socks were at Target in the dollar bin!