Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Pals

We made a pumpkin expedition this weekend.

Lounging with the big shots.  I just noticed there were five pumpkins.  I suppose this is what happens after the little troupe sitting on the gate in the song grows up.

Checking out these spooky grey pumpkins.

Enjoying the "train" ride, cleverly made of barrel cut-outs.

We brought home a big one, so I hope everyone is ready to help scoop!


Bob said...

What a fun outing. Grey pumpkins, don't remember them, it is spooky.

mayberry said...

Those are creepy, in a cool way! Love the barrel train.

Amber Strocel said...

They're running a contest at my local grocery store for one of those super-gigantic pumpkins. If you correctly guess the weight, you win it. I almost entered, before it occurred to me that while I like a big jack-o-lantern, I don't WANT a super-gigantic pumpkin. What would I do with it?

Good luck with your (I'm assuming) more manageable large gourd!