Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Orange Break

We took a little break on our Halloween shopping trip this weekend, in between picking up a Batman costume for Buster and fabric for Q-ster's blue wizard cloak.  I have fond memories of Orange Julius from a childhood mall, and it's fun to have a shop nearby for the occasional treat.

I am always impressed by friends who are spontaneous and flexible with their family schedules.  Going to major league baseball games, staying up late for a special pop concert, giving their kids all sorts of unique experiences.  We've been generally conservative about changing our schedule for anything that interferes with bedtime, and I've felt kind of stodgy about that.

This weekend, we suddenly had a chance to attend a charity fundraiser featuring the unique combination of a favorite swing band, professionally interesting people with whom to network, and my parents being in town, staying at my sister's place.  Great!  We all had dinner together, and then SwingDaddy and I went to the event, leaving the boys and their sleeping bags with kind grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin.

We returned a few hours later, and everyone was happy (and still awake,) and we headed home, arriving a good two hours past bedtime. Overall, it was a plus - the boys had some extra playtime and so did we, but it's take a couple of days for them to shake off the change in sleep schedule.  Nights out probably do need to stay unusual and special for us, like Orange Julius, because it turns out that our instincts were right in keeping a regular bedtime.

Now, for a nap.


Bob said...

Fun times.
Haven't been to Orange Julius for a long time, Yum.

mayberry said...

Sounds like a great event, even if the recovery was a little challenging!

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed having the boys over!

Fourth B