Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Journey into Chilly

I'm back in Northern Europe this week, which included a brief moment of bewilderment as I looked at the weather app on my phones and thought, "What is THAT icon?  Oh, um snow!"  But it wasn't accurate, because while it's pretty cold, there's no snow. Good thing, since I didn't bring boots.

I walk by the Palace on the way to my hotel from the train station, and it looks like the roof renovations are going well.  There's only scaffolding on one side now.

There was also some kind of official event breaking up, with police-escorted motorcade zooming by.

And even some police on horseback.  Whoever was behind the tinted windows didn't stop to wave though.

The journey into town involved rather more running that expected, mostly through the airport to make my connection, and one instance where I thought I might get crushed in a revolving door, but all's safe and even my bag arrived with me. I've gotten to see some lovely autumn leaves from a distance, the rest of the days have mostly been conference rooms and an early (but super early for here) twilight.  Back to meetings now.

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Bob said...

Guards on horseback, stately to watch.
That kind of scaffolding usually indicates heavy work. May be the ceiling/roof needs reinforcement.