Thursday, October 04, 2012

In Which I Learn to Use Resources for Myself

I was a great fan of libraries as a child.  Some of my favorite memories are of my elementary school library, where I would walk along the bookshelves and read anything and everything.

Somewhere along the line, maybe when Amazon came along and we had a combination of a bit more money and a lot less reading time, I stopped using the library.  It's been wonderful re-discovering the richness of a building full of books with the boys as we make our bi-weekly pilgrimage.

It's the one place where we can indulge and say, "If you want that book, put it in the bag.  If you want that one too, go ahead.  And this one.  And that one.  As many books as you want!"

As a Harry Potter fan and a huge geek on movie-making, I've been eyeing the massive 540-page "Harry Potter: Page to Screen" tome, but the $75 price tag was beyond what I'm willing to pay.  Last week it occurred to me - I could get it at the library!  I went online, ordered a copy to be delivered to our local branch, and today, I received an email that I can go pick it up. Mine, for free, for three weeks.  Whee!

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mayberry said...

Love the library and the way libraries use the web - I get an email that a book is due, and I can just click over to the library's site and renew it in 2 seconds.