Thursday, October 18, 2012

Continuing the Theme of No Theme

Apparently, I have no ability to sustain a prolonged thought this week, so here's another  post of unrelated tidbits.

We had a rhyming snack earlier this week: A Bear and a Pear.

The boys are quite fond of the chocolate marshmallow bears that I bring home from Scandinavia. I usually only pick up some sweet treats when I travel there because prices are astronomical.

At dinner one evening on the trip, the restaurant had arranged the flatware into this charming setting.

And here we have three octopuses reading "Chicken Soup with Rice."  Buster notes that Nanny J threw his little octopus into the wash again shortly after this picture was taken, because he'd gotten a little grubby.  Everyone loves a tidy, literate octopus.

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Bob said...

Love the a bear and a pear. And the dueling forks and knives.