Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Return of Non Sequitur Theater

Note to the guy in the shirt and tie, carrying a messenger bag and medium sized cardboard box, who was lurching and sprawling across the intersection on roller blades: You are using a commute strategy that should be reserved for competent skaters.  You're giving everyone around you a collective heart attack.

My colleagues in the north are chatting about how they have put the winter tires on their cars and prepared their houses against the cold Scandinavian winter.  Meanwhile, I have returned home to a bout of unusually warm weather.  Almost 80 degrees today!

A giant eyeball washed up on the beach in Florida, prompting speculations of squid or other sea monster.  Scientists have now weighed in and say that it belonged to a swordfish.

      experts who examined the eyeball made their call of swordfish based on the its size (softball), color (blue) and structure (presumably swordfishy)

I like that adjective in a CNN article - swordfishy.

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Bob said...

Swordfishy is better than alieny.