Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All Pumpkined Up

We're ready to go! 

In related news, my Scandinavian friends have seen the Halloween trend grow - they didn't go trick or treating when they were children, but their own children fully expect to go collect candy.  The national paper had a few points about "Halloween etiquette," with thanks to Google-translate:

According Anee Karin Lee is common in the U.S. to respect those who do not want Halloween visit. They have in fact an unwritten rule that if the balcony lights are on, it's okay to ask for candy, but if the lights are off, you should move on to the next house.

It makes me think of the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas," where are the citizens of Halloweenland are puzzling out the customs of the never-before-seen Christmas holiday.

Happy Halloween! 


Bob said...

Happy trick or treating.

I still remember the little kid in NY saying twick or tweat.

Anonymous said...

one of my french friends said that Halloween is catching on there too. But they end up carving squash or other gourds.

Fourth B

mayberry said...

We went to one house that had a paper sign taped to the door: WE HAVE CANDY. It had a slightly ominous tone, I have to say. I prefer the porch light convention!