Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two Pluses, an Oddity, and Some Extra Fun

I was on the road again last week.  Two awesome things happened on the flight:

My seat had a power outlet!  I'm usually asleep on the long journey to Europe, but this was "just" a four-hour domestic flight where I needed to get a ton of work done.

My airline snack box wasn't cheap, but it featured Jacob's Cream Crackers, which makes me think fondly of my grandmother.

And the oddity - the trend seems to be for hotel soap to be bumpy.  This one has lumps the size of M&Ms on one side.  The Hilton NYC where we stayed for BlogHer provided something similar:

I didn't find it particularly "massaging" (as the label indicates,) but it was kind of amusing.

And for some bonus fun, I got to drive a chrome yellow Camaro a whole bunch.  Some of my colleagues ended up with one as their rental car (long story,) and since I'm the only one who doesn't drink alcohol, I drove us all home every evening after long strategizing sessions featuring beer.

It's very convenient to have a car of that color when you're trying to locate it in the parking lot.  Surely that's the reason to have one.  ;)


mayberry said...

You look like a natural posing with the Camaro!

Bob said...

That's a nice pose leaning on the yellow Camaro ( even rhymes ).
Yes Jacob's cream crackers, with English tea and jam. Tea with a spot of milk as the British puts it.

Asianmommy said...

I like the bumps on the soap. I didn't realize it was for massaging. I thought it was to keep the soap from sticking to the counter. :)