Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Finest Chefs

SwingDaddy and I were invited to a dinner event at a restaurant normally above our pay grade, and we had a lovely time.  The steak was possibly the best I've ever had, which says a lot, given that I've been in Texas three times this year already.  

Interestingly, I realized later that the waiters never asked us any questions once we had indicated steak or poultry.  No questions about preparations - rare or medium? - garnishes or sides. I guess that once you are in their hands, they know how to make it the best way and you should just accept that.

The dessert was amazing too.  Just the chocolate raspberry cake, or just the apple tarte or just the cream puff would have been enough, but darling sized portions of each made the meal perfect.

And now in tangentially related news, I saw a girl with an adorable Domokun change purse.  (Tangentially related because doesn't Domo look like he wants to eat something?  Like dessert, perhaps.)  I think they should have aligned his mouth with where the purse opens.

1 comment:

Bob said...

Amazing dessert, tantalizing.
I think giving someone that many mini desserts is just the right touch.