Monday, September 03, 2012

The Batarang Commission

The micro dude has been flinging various household objects around while pretending to be Batman, and it seemed time to sew him a nice soft Batarang that would do less damage to our walls that the Hot Wheels track segment or toy wrench.

First we did a little research.  Most images were from the brooding and forbidding Dark Knight movies, which were all sharp, pointy, and totally gleamy black, making them less than cute. Fortunately, Buster is most fond of the Lego Batman game, where the Batarang  (think "boomerang for Batman") is bright yellow and black.

The dude loves his Batarang.

He also won't keep still long enough to strike a non-blurry pose with it, but I did manage to capture it on the floor at one point.

Squishy, friendly, very throwable.  The tradition of plush armaments continues!


mayberry said...

I like how it also has a hint of banana.

J. made a paper boomerang at camp that actually works pretty well! It has three arms.

Holly said...

Love it! Batarang. You are so creative.

Bob said...

How lucky they are.

Alice said...

Love all your "soft" weapons ideas. Having gown up with a younger brother, I know how easily things can get broken. Plan to make these when I have kids (or a kid) of my own!