Monday, September 10, 2012

Scenes from an Average Weekend

Climbing the artichoke in front of the library.

Making another soft Batarang (yellow for Batman, red for Robin.)

Having some kind of event where people's names are written on little slips of paper in a giant bowl.

Q-ster won't explain what this is about - I don't think he knows enough about the Hunger Games to be re-enacting the reaping scene, and he says that it's not the Goblet of Fire, even though he's re-reading that book.  I bought this party sized plastic margarita glass to be the "house cup" at his Harry Potter-themed birthday party, but it seems to have morphed into something else.  (Lego minifig pictured for scale.)


Bob said...

Cactus without thorns, a much friendlier place. Games, what a wonderful age.

mayberry said...

I really wish our library had an artichoke.