Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Notching the Belts Again

A couple of weeks ago, the boys had their taekwondo belt tests.  Buster was the only four year old testing for his orange belt, and he broke the board on the first kick!  Mostly I'm still amazed that he doesn't knock himself over with the fancier footwork.

It was kind of hilarious how many times the master instructor reminded the kids to go to the bathroom.  He knows his audience.

Q-ster has been helping to lead classes in form and he takes the responsibility very seriously.  It's fun to see him in action.

There were fewer reminders from the master to use the bathroom for the second batch of (slightly older) students.

Our little dudes with their new gear!


mayberry said...

I love how serious they look! Congratulations from us.

Bob said...

Very good forms there.