Sunday, September 09, 2012

Catchy Tunes

Our favorite from seasons past of So You Think You Can Dance - Alex Wong - has a new music video.

Music video link.

Check out this  article at Asians On Film too.  There are a whole bunch of links on the page, including an interview of him, the video director Lauren Gottlieb and assistant director Legacy (both also from So You Think You Can Dance). 

The fourth link, "Alex Wong on Dancing," shows him discussing why he chose to join a ballet company.  He said that as a young teen, he didn't see Asians in commercials and music videos, but ballet is more color-blind, so he felt that he'd have a better chance at a good career.  After seven years with the company, he saw the industry changing, which is why he auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance and got back into the commercial side of dance and performance.

Further down the page, there's also a link to the trailer from "The Ballet Dancer," a short film opening later this year where Alex stars as well, a ballet dancer.  The dance clip is Swan Lake - it's interesting to see him in something classical, since most of the ballet he performed on TV was more contemporary.


I don't usually talk politics here, but if you're a Les Miz fan, you might want to check out this video of some amazing voices performing "One Term More!" in support of Obama, to the tune of One Day More.


mayberry said...

I'd watched that Les Miz video a few days ago - the voices really are amazing. It's more serious than a similar one from 2008.

Bob said...

Alex sings well and the song is good too.