Thursday, September 13, 2012

Candyland in a Whole Other World

Over the last month, Q-ster has gone crazy for Magic: The Gathering, which is the granddaddy of all collectible card games, home plate for geek credibility. I have less than zero interest in the cards, except for learning about the character who he might want to portray for Halloween, since I'd be designing the costume for him.  This is SwingDaddy's domain.

On a not entirely unrelated note, Buster occasionally has a rabid desire to play Candyland.

One afternoon while I was cleaning up the kitchen, I noticed that things were very quiet.  Uh-oh.  I walked around until I found the boys.

And miracle of miracles, they were playing together nicely, playing "Magic" with the Candyland cards.  Creative little dudes.


Bob said...

Quietly playing, creative little dudes.

mayberry said...

Love it -- and not just because I like to weasel out of playing Candyland.