Sunday, September 02, 2012

All Hail

The boys are still on their Olympic bent, with Buster playing "Trackandfield" by running laps around the house and Q-ster setting up hurdles in the living room.

I cut a quick circle of yellow felt and tacked it on a ribbon for a gold medal.  Buster threw it on his neck and immediately said, "I need flowers!"  We searched the house until we found the plush flowers to make a bouquet, and he took his position on the medal stand like a proper athlete.


Bob said...

That's so adorable. The smile, the raised arm:-yes.
You'll have to play the national anthem pretty soon and raise the flag.

Stimey said...

I love this! I wish my kids would play trackandfield. :)

mayberry said...

Even the flowers are smiling! So cute.