Sunday, August 26, 2012

Playground Pals

We made a foray to the elementary school playground this weekend. My sister and I walked a few laps while the boys and my nephew clambered all over the equipment.

Q-ster showed the the line painted on the asphalt (not pictured - it's just a line of paint) that delineates where the kids are allowed to run.  On the classroom side, they have to walk and maintain order.  Once they cross the line, they can run as fast as they like.  That's a nice, clear rule.

The three boys huddled in the tunnel for a good while, scheming and plotting.  An excellent use of a Sunday morning.


Mayberry said...

Our school playground has that yellow inchworm climbing thing and the twirly hoops too. I think they are the two most favorite items among the kids!

Bob said...

Pretty fancy climbing equipment for this elementary school. Q-ster's doing well, even skipping a bar on the yellow inchworm structure.