Monday, August 27, 2012

Look at Meeeee!

Both the boys have been taking lots of taekwondo class over the summer, and Q-ster has made rapid work of the belt progression.  He earned the right to take another level test, which is indicated by the colored tapes the instructors put on the kids' belts.

Buster has been quite anxious to progress another level as well.  He's been doing his forms at home and striking poses whenever he has a free moment.  Nanny J commented that with all the kids out of school, summer classes have been very crowded, and it's hard for him to get noticed, being such a small guy.

This week, the big kids were all back in school, and he was ready to grab his moment to shine.  The instructors saw him perform and commented on his good form.  He got a few head pats and . . .

his TAPES!  He was over the moon.  The boy is ready to test for his orange belt.


mayberry said...

woohoo! Go Buster!

Bob said...

Orange belt test already, way to go!