Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lego Olympiad

A couple of weeks ago, I walked upstairs when the boys yelled, "We're building the Olympics!'

And they were.

The little dude explained that the spiky thing to the left is the cauldron and the table on the right holds cups of Gatorade.

It does have some similarity.

The marathon.

SwingDaddy contributed the pole vault (see the athlete just above the cross bar.)

A discus thrower.

And the little remote controlled car that takes the discuses (discii?) back to the throwers.

We love Lego.


Bob said...

The Olympic games really affect everyone, especially kids. What a clever cauldron. The high jumps and tracks are easy to recognize, still need to figure out some of the others. Very cleverly done.

mayberry said...

Very nice! I agree, the cauldron really is a good approximation of the real thing - not easy to accomplish.