Monday, July 02, 2012

Unspeakably Cute

Darling Barbapapa and Barbabeau. (Note that the pink one is the papa!)

Giant plush jam buns! The caption on the website says, "I'm getting bigger and cuter."  Totally true, for fans of anthropomorphic food.

And for something really out there, check out the Strap-ya Survivor Series, where the titans of Japanese adorableness go head-to-head in popularity. Hello Kitty has won the past series, with Totoro and the JujuChan jam bun coming in as finalists.

I think that all that you can really say is that there is always someone weirder than you.


mayberry said...

Ha! Ain't that the truth. I do love those Barbas though!

Bob said...

How cute, a cuteness competition.

I think we need a "silly cuteness" competition.