Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Latest in Lego

 Q-ster has been expressing interest in The Lord of the Rings, since Lego has started releasing sets (starting with the cool Frodo and Gandalf horsecart that my sister gave SwingDaddy for his birthday.) We've read The Hobbit out loud to him, and he's familiar with some of the LoTR characters. 

The creation above is his rendition of Weathertop, with a bit of guidance from SwingDaddy.  They noted that building a ruin is kind of nice, because there's no expectation of symmetry.  Note the spiderweb, indicating decay and disuse!

Aragorn is perched on top, carrying bow and sword.

This next one is Buster's line of "potions" that he created for the videogame Skyrim.  I'm not keeping up with that story (he plays it with SwingDaddy, or at least he watches), so I just admired accordingly as he explained the purposes of the different tiny jars.


Bob said...

Love the potions jars. A picture of mostly black and white Lego blocks is more difficult to understand.

mayberry said...

Very cool! As you know we're doing the Lego Tour de France lately. We should try reading the Hobbit again. First attempt failed.