Monday, July 23, 2012


It was kind of an awful day at work, so here's something funny instead.

I'm a reader of Unclutterer, where they post a feature every week called "Uni-tasker Wednesdays."  The highlighted product is always something incredibly goofily specific, like plates that are shaped to only hold triangular pizza slices, or a lock that seals only Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

I think I have a good one for them here.  It's a banana slicer.  The packaging reads, "You can slice a banana very easily.  Great for snacks."

There are also specific instructions to not use it for anything else but slicing bananas, as "it may cause damage and injury."  I think I'll use a knife, thanks.

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Casey said...

This is hilarious! My daughter has been cutting her own bananas since she was 18 months old. :)

Great to meet you at BlogHer.