Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chocolate, the Complicated Type

This was originally a very simple post.  I see some cute chocolate for the boys while walking through the Frankfurt airport, bring it home, and they eat it.  

However, I wanted to link to the chocolate type to explain it, and that led to more research than expected.

We've been fans of "Kinder Surprise" ever since a friend of German descent set them out as table amusements/favors at her wedding, years ago.  The twenty people at our long table unwrapped the foil on the egg shaped items and found chocolate eggs.  When you bite into the eggs, you discover that they're hollow, and there is a toy within a capsule inside, ready to be put together.  Some of them were quite sophisticated - one fellow assembled a miniature carousel, which included three horses that went up and down while they turned around the axle.

You can't buy them in the US, and I always assumed that was because the toy parts were too small or something, but it turns out (according to Wikipedia) that the FDA has a rule against confectionery items that have non-edible parts embedded in them, and the capsule inside the hollow egg counts as embedded.  Also, even though the brand is "Kinder" (German for child) and I see them all the time in Germany and they have  a big presence in Germany, the company that makes them is Italian.  According to the Wikipedia article on Kinder Surprise, of course.

Anyway, I saw some egg shaped "Kinder Joy" sweets in the Frankfurt airport and brought them home for the boys.


We were quite curious what was inside, since they were not exactly the same as Kinder Surprise.  We opened them up.

One compartment is the candy and the other is the mystery toy.  The white shape on top of the question mark packaging is the spoon to use while scooping up the chocolate on the other side.  It turns out that the Kinder Joy is what they sell in the summer, since the hollow eggs would melt in the warm weather.

The toy was a sort of throwing piece with flags, a much simpler toy than the original Kinder Surprise, but perhaps those have changed in the last years also, due to budget cuts.

The chocolate was just as good.

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