Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Wheels for Everyone

We got the little dude a bike for his fifth birthday, and he's ridden a bit off and on, but it was just this weekend, two years later, that he finally seems motivated to nail the skills.   Maybe going to test ride a tandem bike with SwingDaddy is what gave him that extra incentive.

Go Q-ster!  He can balance, ride, and stop reasonably well, but needs a little assistance with starting.  (Better than the reverse, of course.)  It's really fun to see him zipping by.

 His little brother is tackling the glide bike (pedal-less) with aplomb.  The sidewalk buckles where our neighbor's tree roots have spread, and Buster rode back and forth over what is effectively a ramp, reveling in the "jump."

Then he pulled the bike up a big rock - I think he's aiming for an off-road experience already.

Today was the Q-ster's last day of first grade. He dutifully stood for a picture, but didn't want to pose in front of his friends, so we took it just while we were still across the street from the school.  I guess that's a sign of impending growing up.

Buster has been saying with relish, "I don't have school tomorrow - I am going to play ALL DAY LONG."  Like he didn't do that before anyway.


Bob said...

Yay, graduated. Nice rides.

mayberry said...

We struggle with the stopping. Makes riding to school tough, because there's a downward slope to negotiate! Love Buster going off-road.