Sunday, June 10, 2012

Phones on the Road

I was back in Texas for a few days last week and noticed this adorable red phone in the hotel lobby.  If only there was a reason to get a new landline phone! 

I had to apologize to the desk attendant, because I accidentally called her three times while posing for this picture, since it had an auto-dial.

I found this this clever kiosk at the airport.  For three dollars, you can connect your mobile phone (or presumably, other devices) to this battery charger featuring twelve different connectors and get power for thirty minutes.  Market opportunities at work!


Bob said...

What a neat design, push button dial.
When the red phone's base curved in to make it into a little base, it's so cute. Had the base spread out like the old phones, it would not be cute looking. Nice phone call pic.

mayberry said...

I love that you posed with the phone instead of just taking its picture all by itself.