Thursday, June 07, 2012

Hillary on the Road

Hillary Clinton visited our Scandinavian friends last week for several purposes, one of which was a Global Health Conference.  She's quoted as speaking about the fine local maternal care and policies.  Earlier this month, I read an article about the State of the World's Mothers Report and the USA moved up from 31st to 25th best country on the list.  And the country that rhymes with doorway?  It's #1.

Here she is with their handsome prime minister, and an image of them greeting each other in a more casual setting.  The description was to show that one can be flippant about the menfolk in politics too, since I'm about to get appearance-focused on the lady.

The Huffington Post wrote about the social/fashion side of the trip, and they commented that Clinton had adopted a tidy ponytail.  It seems very practical when one is on the road so much, but takes a little getting used to, seeing the humble pony go to diplomatic events.


Bob said...

Easy to care for, and practical

Anonymous said...

I did NOT recognize her in that shot. Certainly practical!

mayberry said...

It's surprisingly good on her!