Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Happened to Stride Rite?

I wore Stride Rite shoes as a kid, and the boys have been wearing Stride Rite shoes since they could walk.  They made sturdy, comfortable shoes that lasted until they were outgrown.  Even more perfectly, they made a line of Star Wars themed shoes, and the boys wore blue Captain Rex shoes for an entire year.  They got a little battered, but as expected of their quality, they lasted until outgrown.

This year is a different story.  We got yellow Commander Cody shoes for the boys.  Fairly rapidly, it became apparent that Q-ster's shoes had a manufacturing defect, so the store took them back and exchanged them for another pair at no charge.  And then two months after that, those tore along a seam, so I brought those back also.  They had the blue Captain Rex shoes in Q-ster's size, so I brought those home.  Two months later, look at them:

Three big holes in the material.  That's three pairs of wrecked shoes in six months.  While I believe that little boys can go hard on shoes, this is crazy.  The previous pair lasted twelve months - no holes, no broken seams, no protruding wires.

Buster shoes developed torn seams as well (lower shoe, towards the toe,) but since it took six months, I went ahead and just paid for new ones.  I was feeling uneasy about returning to the same store with yet another problem.  Did Stride Rite change suppliers?  Did their quality standards go way down?

Q-ster asked for lace-up shoes anyway, so I got him a new pair of sneakers by a different brand.  We'll see how they turn out.


Bob said...

Quality problem (thread quality problem).
Maybe the blog label should say " Stide Rite bad shoe quality"

Asianmommy said...

Hmm...we haven't had problems like that yet with our girls' shoes. My only beef is that the shoelaces are so slippery that they come undone all the time--can they work on that, too?

Alice said...

I wore Stride Rite as a kid, too. I think manufacturers are cutting costs across the board, due to pressures from certain "brand-names," perhaps. I now buy stuff in twos and threes, if I can afford it, because I know that the next time around, the quality will have gone downhill!

mayberry said...

I haven't bought Stride Rites in a while, but mostly because I am just too lazy to go to the mall for shoes when there is a Payless much closer to home!

space bag said...
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