Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Tiniest Waist Ever

When I was overseas last month, I actually made it to the National Museum 35 minutes before closing.

It was just enough time to see the "Royal Journeys" exhibit, which was a gift from the government to the King and Queen for their 75th birthdays.  The display included the royal carriage, photographs, medals, lots of kingly uniforms, and of course, the part I cared most about, gowns.

The Scandinavian style tends to be austere and not heavily ornamented, but the gown below belonged to Queen Maud, who was a British princess before she married.  This is her coronation gown from 1906.

Judging from the size of the manniquin, she was tiny, shorter than me, with a waist about two inches wide.  The king was a tall dude though - his uniform towered over the room.

There was also an exhibit of suitcases- all the stuff the Queen brought with her when she came to the country a hundred years ago! That was just as much fun to see.


Bob said...

Can't breath in those corsets, no wonder fainting was in fashion.

Mayberry said...

Wow. Holy corset is right! Love the suitcases too--would be fun to think about what each one held!