Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunshine of All Types

It's the return of non sequitur theater.  Some unrelated thoughts.

Setting: On a video call with one of my colleagues who lives above the Arctic Circle.  It's about 9am his time and quite noisy, so he gets up to shut the window.

Him: Sorry, it was so warm in the office this morning, with the sun shining in all night.
Me:  Uhhhh (taking a moment to parse the sentence), oh right, twenty-four hour sunshine these days.

When listening to Maroon 5's hit song "Payphone," does anyone else wonder where exactly they have found this pay phone?  In a museum?

Best part of the day: When I pull into the garage and Buster flings open the door, jumping up and down when he sees me.  His big brother is already a bit more blase, so I know to treasure these moments.


Bob said...

Nothing can compare to when you pull into the garage and you kid is jumping up and down yelling "Mommy is home" or in my case "Daddy is home".

mayberry said...

Just today, we heard "Payphone" on Radio Disney, and I wondered whether any child listening to that station would know what a payphone even is.

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