Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Other Festivities in Red, White, and Blue

We headed up to San Francisco over the weekend to check out a celebration of the country that I'm always going to visit and for which I'm getting a little tired of finding a way to not write out the (searchable) name.  Hmmm, will have to think about that going forward.  Anyway, the folks west of Sweden.

 We got to see a traditional Viking tent, complete with spear and shields.

A demonstration of curling, from the Olympic silver medalist, Christoffer Svae.  Apparently, the crazy argyle pants aren't mandatory in curling.  The event program says that he choose them for the national team to draw attention in the "otherwise conservative and Canadian-dominated curling sheet."

SwingDaddy and I were most interested in the folk dancing, of course.  I attempted a few photographs, but with just my little point and shoot in the bad light, not much turned out.  The national champion from some years back came to demonstrate his specialty, which is Halling, the men's solo dance.  Every culture has some kind of dance where the boys show off to impress the girls.   He was great, as was his son, who looked about 9 or 10.  (We noted that his son's age probably coincided with when he stopped competing.  We all know that story.)

There was also a fashion show of the traditional costumes from each region.  What's particularly interesting is that the particular designs really date from the romantic movement that swept Europe in the 1800s, which also drove the popularity of the national dances that we perform in vintage dance (i.e. Bohemian National Polka.)  There are a few of the regions that have costume styles that have been in continuous use for centuries, but most were revived in the national movement of the 1800s.  There's a nice explanation and a whole series of beautiful photographs here, and a photo of my favorite regional costume here.

Q-ster said he liked the dancing best and Buster said he liked the waffles best.  All in all, a good outing.


Bob said...

Waffles might trump dancing for me too.
The Viking tent looked like an equilateral triangle. so they might be using their spears for oars of the same length:- dual usage.

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