Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meet You at the Statue

Just before Christmas, we went to an exhibit of holiday lights and international decorations.  Truthfully, it was kind of a mishmash, but there were some nice things to see. 

Since it was getting dark, I set a meeting point in case anyone got lost.  We picked the tallest "temple," since it could be seen from anywhere, but since it was round, we had to pick another landmark to know what side was the designated spot. 

Easy, there was a lit-up replica of the Statue of Liberty across the way.  "Ok everyone, we'll meet at the temple on the side near the Statue of Liberty."

Q-ster was good, he knew what to look for, but I wasn't sure about his little brother.  I pointed at the statue.  "Buster, do you know what that is?"

Yes!  He nodded seriously.  "It's the Statue of Red Robin."

Well, yeah.  We go to the local Red Robin restaurant about once a month, and I snapped this picture last weekend of the statue that greets us in the lobby each time.


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mayberry said...

Ha!! My son just calls it the statue of "liverty."

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Fourth Breakfast

Asianmommy said...

What a cool light exhibit!