Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Attention Span

I think we've hit a key point in our family - when all four of us can go to the theater together and sit through a show without whining to leave! That includes the parents too.

We took Q-ster and Buster to see a local youth production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, one of my favorite musical theater shows.  Glorious score by Andrew Lloyd Webber and clever, clever lyrics by Tim Rice. (Joseph interpreting the Pharoah's dreams - "All these things you saw in your pajamas/Are a long range forecast for your farmers.")  The boys were mesmerized from start to end, complete with confetti cannon.  Seriously, I want a confetti cannon for any event I hold from now on.  It's impossible not to feel triumphant and festive at the same time.

The student performers varied, not unexpectedly.  Joseph had a good voice and plenty of likeability.  The two girls sharing the role of narrator valiantly tackled the high notes, with mixed success, but they too had good stage presence.  The little boy singing Napthali (There's One More Angel in Heaven) had it all - voice, charm, and star power.  Q-ster noted that he had "good movement" - which is how he occasionally hears us praising specific performers, so it's good to know he has the eye.

We'd been watching YouTube clips of video version starring Donny Osmond all week in preparation, and whatever you might think of his cheesy 70s legacy, the dude is a Performer, seriously magnetic. Here he is as the young Joseph in Act I, a decade later as the Pharoah's assistant in Act II, and a video clip of the first part of the show.

Q-ster has requested that I sew a coat of many colors.


Bob said...

Many good songs in this one. Amazing that Ithaca High School's narrator can do it all.
Glad the kids can sit through a musical, family trait.

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