Wednesday, May 09, 2012

In Which I Arrange My Own Cute Yogurt

In my travels, I have totally fallen in love with this cute yogurt.  Yes, cute food does taste better.  I wrote a whole yogurt post about how the little foldable spoon and separate muesli compartment are just perfect.

Now, I am determined to recreate this, but with more environmentally sustainable packaging.  Family sized vanilla yogurt and granola.  I've started buying nonfat, so it's a bit healthier too.

I've purchased a two-compartment container that is meant to hold cereal and milk separately, and the milk section is kept insulated and cool.

There's even a little foldable spoon!

The proportions aren't quite right, since the cereal compartment is much larger than I need for granola, but it working out pretty well for taking to the office so far!


Bob said...

Humm more sophisticated than the Holy Grail Cup and it can be carried anywhere.

Alice said...

Such a great idea. The fold-up spoon reminds me of Taiwanese instant congee. Anyways, have you tried Liberte yoghurt? It's our family's favorite.

mayberry said...

Yum - perfect!

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