Monday, May 28, 2012

Fuzzy Mornings

After the arrival of my Mother's Day jellyfish last week, mornings have become even more huggy.  Buster has a sort of wartime "No comrade left behind" attitude and manages to clamber into our bed not only hauling his octopus and his blankie, but also my big octopus and big jellyfish all at the same time.  He deposits the crew on top of SwingDaddy and me, makes himself comfortable, and snuggles in.  It's fairly sedate until Q-ster arrives, and after a few lovely moments of family time, all mayhem breaks loose, with limbs flying everywhere.

This weekend, the plush tigers got involved too, but thankfully they stayed on the floor.

The boys also had a pretty terrific lightsaber fight with my dad - remotely.  We placed a video call on the iPad, and they faced off, hundreds of miles between us, but nothing stops a good Jedi with modern technology.

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Bob said...

The tigers are still as cute as ever.