Monday, May 07, 2012

First Publication!

Q-ster has been published for the first time!  His teacher said that he had finished this classwork a little early, so she suggested he write an article for the school paper.  She was busy supervising the rest of the class, so he did it on his own, and walked it over to the school office.  Here it is:

On April 26, my class went on a field trip to S- Park. We learned about different animals and insects. We saw a snake, a tarantula, and a really soft chinchilla. Also, we saw a few newts. We also saw a few newt eggs. We learned a lot about animals at S- Park.

I see that the paragraph structure lessons from class - opening, supporting details, closing - seem to be sticking.

In other news, the roses in our garden are going gangbusters.  I'm cutting them to put in vases on my desk at the office and at home. 


Bob said...

Proud author, good writeup.
The roses are gorgeous, especially in that vase.

mayberry said...

Yay for Q-ster! Good job!