Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Bus Bear

While SwingDaddy was in Kyoto, he noticed that the buses had these icons by the door.

The stroller and wheelchair icons make sense.  The bus is accessible to wheeled conveyances.  What about the bear?  Does the bus system welcome bears?  Is it a bear at all?

Thanks to Blogger L at Homesick Home, who lives in Japan, we have an answer to the mystery!  It is apparently a polar bear, so the icon indicates that the bus is air conditioned.

From Catbus to Bus Bear.


Bob said...

A polar bear for air conditioning?
That's stretching your imagination.

mayberry said...

Good to know next time I'm in Japan! The NYC subways could use these: the bear would light up if the AC was functioning and remain dark if it was broken. Then again, you can always tell when it's broken because the car is 99% empty.