Sunday, May 06, 2012

Belts, Wands, Bounties, Oh My

A friend once asked how I could come up with enough topics for a blog, and I said that I had the opposite problem.  There are way too many topics, and I never write as much as I'd like to capture, especially about the big things.  I'm much better at capturing the little things.

So here in quick sequence, is an attempt to catch up with the last week.

Q-ster tested for his "green belt senior" level in taekwondo.  The little dude is clearly learning a lot and having a great time, but I have to say that the TKD definitely has a cash cow going.

He and SwingDaddy worked on making a Harry Potter wand together - shaping, sanding, and staining the wood.  He's worn out quite a selection of wands already (via Christmas gifts, birthday party favors, Lincoln Logs, etc,) so we'll see how this one lasts. Notably, the only one that has survived intact is the wand made by my dad.

The boys have been saving up good behavior points for months, and in combination with birthday money, earned their next prizes.  Both had selected the Lego Ninjago "Destiny's Bounty" ship, which has been unavailable in stores for the last couple of weeks, with online market prices going 50% above list price.  I kept calm and figured that something would sort itself out before they earned enough points, and sure enough, Toys R Us Online managed to restock in time and SwingDaddy ordered two.  Whew.


mayberry said...

Wow! You'll have to show us a pic when the ships are built.

Bob said...

The out of stock for Ninjago Lego sets (even at Legoland ) is hard to swallow. Don't know how they manage the supply chain.
The boys are really good in building advanced Lego assemblies- what happy faces.