Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Unexpected Directions

Anyone who has kids knows that they’re pretty unpredictable when presented with a gift. Sometimes the cardboard box that it comes in turns out to be the best part.

More than a year ago, a good friend who is an amazing costumer made a pair of superhero capes for the boys, which they duly admired for about five seconds. Cut to this weekend. The micro dude was running around with a nylon tent around his neck, saying that he was Superman. After discouraging the tent due to strangulation hazards and finding that he had no idea who Superman actually was, I suggested that he put on the red cape . . . which is now the total treasure of the season! Thanks, KT!

A couple of months ago, Madame A gifted us with a few rolls of craft paper, and I imagine she thought that the boys would draw on it or use it for crafts. The little dude promptly rubbed banded them together and added a cut-out trigger. Yeah, we have a bazooka. He sends his thanks, Mme A!


Bob said...

What fun, wonder where did micro dude see superman?

mayberry said...

The craft-paper bazooka is really quite clever!

Anonymous said...

I must admit it never occurred to me that the craft paper might become a gun...although it should have as Monsieur H probably would have done something similar!
Mme A