Monday, April 09, 2012

Rainbow of Sugarosity

I just spent a fortune on cake icing. The micro dude wants Ninjago cupcakes for his birthday again, but we’re expanding on the repertoire.

Red (Kai, Ninja of Fire), blue (Jay, Ninja of Lightning), white (Zane, Ninja of Ice, plus a new attempt at the master, Sensei Wu), and now we have some new characters:

Green, for the mysterious green ninja. And pink, for the episode when Zane’s white robes got laundered with Kai’s red robes and they ended up with pink robes. Gotta love the scriptwriters. Buster insisted on including green and pink this year, so there you have it!

(For completeness sake: There is also Cole, the Ninja of Earth, but black frosting makes such a mess on the little faces and teeth, that we’re going to pass on that.)


Bob said...

Oh I like the mixed laundry story, we all have real life experience. The writers are so funny.

Mayberry said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished products.