Monday, April 16, 2012

More on Those Cupcakes

I had promised Ninjago cupcakes to Buster, so the night before his birthday, I set to work.

This batch of cupcakes ended up coming out very round on top, which didn't make for good decorating surfaces. I had to cut the tops off (eating them along the way,) and then added a layer of yellow frosting for the faces instead of just using the yellow cake. It was a little more work, but the frosting kept the black gel eyes and eyebrows from spreading much better than if I piped it straight onto the cake like last year.

My first attempt was a mess, so I had SwingDaddy eat the evidence. Here's the first green ninja, not too bad.

Almost done with the set.

Closeup of the wreckage. Kinda looks like an artist's palette, except more diabetes-inducing.

Ninjago in all their sugary splendor.

That extra cupcake in the middle between the plates? It's a Golden Snitch. Yeah, it didn't really go with the theme, but the birthday boy really wanted it, so, why not?


Bob said...

Awesome, what a lucky birthday boy.

Asianmommy said... cute!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, so neat! Lucky boy, indeed!