Sunday, April 01, 2012

Dreamy Dreamy Swimsuit

I was searching for a Glee video on YouTube when I ran across their rendition of Rihanna's . I assume this is Emma's dream sequence, but who knows, given the crazy sets of the show. It's oddly cropped, so now I need to figure out the episode to watch the whole thing. Aren't the costumes dreamy?

Allure ran an article about the waterproof makeup, and the Beauty Stop wrote about the vintage-style maker of the swimsuit, Pinup Girl Couture. They made the skirt a little fuller Glee, to be more flattering to the performers. For those who care, apparently "Makeup For Ever" is the go-to brand for waterproof stuff.

So tempted by the swimwear!


Mir said...

I should probably be embarrassed to know this, but it's from episode 10 of Season 3 (Yes/No).

I, uh, watch Glee to bond with my teen. ;)

mayberry said...

Totally cute, although it does remind me a bit of J's Good Ship Lollipop costume!

bikini swimwear said...

So beautiful bikini!! :)