Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not Sure How This Relates to Eggs

Q-ster came into my room a few weeks ago, saying that he had built an omelet out of Legos.

A what?

He showed me a Lego cross covered in Lego jewels on a Lego chain. Oh, an amulet. With matching Lego pistol.

Someone has been reading about pirate treasure again.

Incidentally, the boys heard me talking about one of my colleagues taking a Caribbean vacation and they were SO jealous. We had to point out that he was not likely to run into any theatrical pirates there.


Bob said...

Now that Lego has pieces for boys and girls, it's more balanced. You can have jewels and chains and amulet-perfect for pirate's treasure.

mayberry said...

It's a good business idea: kid-friendly, pirate-themed resort.