Monday, March 05, 2012

My Boy is Seven!

Q-ster is seven today. Time flies!

We had a party outside on Saturday, themed "Quidditch in the Park" by his request, since all his friends are Harry Potter fans too. The weather was perfect - sunny and 72 degrees.

We put together some hula hoop goals through which to kick a red "Quaffle," acquired some very soft and squishy balls to use as Bludgers, a small yellow ball for a Golden Snitch, and a whole passel of pool noodles to use as brooms.

In the end though, everything becomes a light saber. They ran around for two hours, stopping for juice and cupcakes. It was grand.

When picking up supplies at the party store, I saw this giant plastic margarita glass for Mardi Gras and thought it would be a good stand-in for the Quidditch Cup trophy. Buster appropriated it for himself and went around all afternoon looking like a bit of a party dude.

Afterwards, Q-ster sighed and said,"That was the best day, the best party ever."

Was it really? I asked my seven year old.

"Well probably the best party ever," he qualified. "I haven't had my eighth birthday party yet!"


Bob said...

Wow, wish I could see this.

mayberry said...

Sounds perfect! And great pictures of everyone. Love the balloons in them.