Tuesday, March 06, 2012

More Party Stuff

I like this image, taken while I was picking up the balloons before Q-ster's party this weekend.

I got off easy on the cake this year. After last year's Ninjago cupcakes and the Millenium Falcon cake some years prior, we agreed on cupcakes that would represent the Quidditch balls - chocolate Bludgers, red Quaffles, and Golden Snitches.

I guessed that the chocolate would be the most popular, or perhaps Quaffles, because the red sugar is so inviting, but it turned out that the yellow ones were the most sought after. The power of marketing - Golden cupcakes indeed!

Party support tools: We bought a red Radio Flyer wagon to haul party goods across the park, and it was fantastic. (Thanks for the idea, mom!) It's going to come in handy for years. And the longer we have the minivan, the more impressed I am with its design. We got the wagon, a folding table, food, all the sports toys, a dozen helium balloons, and four of us inside with plenty of room to spare.


mayberry said...

Yes - love the translucent shadow of the balloons!

Bob said...

Great balloon silhouette shot,
great transports, and great party.
Happy 7th :)